Bryan Baltz



I'm a Maryland based artist, designer, & illustrator.

I love the challenge of conceptual projects and excel at creative problem solving. I've been designing and illustrating professionally for 6 years creating logos, branding & concepts, beer packaging, illustrated posters, social media marketing content and advertising graphics primarily within the craft beer industry. I've worked with Pub Dog Brewing, Rexx Rsrv, Jailbreak Brewing, Barley & Hops Brewery, SeaWolf Brewing, Vanish Brewery and many others.

I'm a creator at heart, a maker, always looking to learn new skills, processes, mediums, and challenging creative endeavors. Aside from design & illustration I am also a practicing artist with an ever growing portfolio of paintings, I'm a wood carver, a photographer, a knife maker, and novice leatherworker. 


Give me the time to learn the tools and I can work in any medium.