Bryan Baltz

Conceptual Works

A conceptually-driven series of personal work. This body of digitally composed "paintings" came together as somewhat of a melding of my personal painting practice and my commercial illustration processes.

This is an ongoing series I'm using to explore the possibility of employing an illustrative approach to deal with abstract concepts.

The resulting images are like cerebral road maps recording landmarks and stepping stones along the search for a greater understanding. They’re not answers or conclusions but a catalogue of findings en route to a potentially unattainable cognitive destination.

These pieces act as an alternate fabricated reality into which I can pull these concepts from the cognitive space and place them somewhere so that I may examine them more clearly.

Structurally I compose these works with an intentional built-in implied narrative or action or conversation between the elements to initiate the investigative thought process within the viewer. This is a mechanism I’ve borrowed heavily from my commercial illustration work and although these images don’t tell a classic linear narrative, I believe both cerebral processes rely on the same initial investigative curiosity to encourage the viewer to want to step into this created reality and explore what it has to offer.